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Position Details
  • Position: Senior Design Engineer; Control & Geospatial Systems
    Location: Irvine, California
    Ref: 182/2014
    Who we are
    We are a recognized technology leader providing irrigation products, services and solutions to the golf, commercial and residential turf industry.

    We are indeed a global company with our USA headquarters located in Irvine, California, our manufacturing facility located in Peoria Illinois, supporting dealer networks across the globe.

    While the world looks at water as a finite resource, the management of this resource poses significant challenges for an industry that has only recently emerged from a long period of underinvestment. Come join us and be part of the Team that is making the difference.
    Position Summary
    Provides technical leadership and project planning for software development for products, applications, or systems new to Signature.
    Essential Functions
    • Develop drivers and middleware for Signature's GPS & Water Management software solutions
    • Serves in a leadership capacity for carrying out software development in C, C++, C#, Java, Assembly language or other selected languages for new products and/or applications
    • May serve as a Lead Software Engineer for a complex software development project or act as Team Lead
    • Research, prototype, and evaluate new and emerging AM/FM technologies from the global tuner markets
    • Test and debug software using debuggers, emulators, simulators, and/or logic analyzers
    • Participate in product definition activities including feature analysis and system tradeoffs
    • Designs and/or reviews architected modules and software systems supporting new technology or improving capability/performance of existing functionality
    • Decomposes functional requirements into well defined tasks
    • Researches fundamental problems and implements algorithm solutions that are appropriate
    • Balances quality, quantity and complexity in work output
    • Offers peer technical assessments in areas of expertise, new technologies and software designs
    • Assist design engineering as needed with component datasheet review and schematic design review
    • May partner with electrical engineering and process manufacturer to turn on new processors
    • May work with software vendors to integrate externally developed deliverables into project
    • Evaluates new technologies as they apply to existing functions
    • Participates in project leadership and/or program planning including providing technical input to product development plans and concept documents
    • Makes substantial contributions toward determination of project goal/objective feasibility
    • Mentors and/or supervises to less experienced Software Engineers (1 & 2)
    • Contributes to advanced technical research on new technologies
    • Independently determines general approach and specific solutions to technical problems
    • Offers process improvement suggestions and authors new procedures as appropriate
    • Provides reliable solutions to a wide range of difficult problems using sound problem solving techniques
    • Applies good judgment in setting schedules and risk taking
    • Exemplifies Signature's Mission Statement and Quality Policy and proactively works to improve Signature's image and culture
    • Applies knowledge of production and operations issues as they relate to engineering
    Other Responsibilities:
    • Review product and/or application information including manuals and brochures for technical accuracy
    • Perform other duties as necessary
    Education, Experience, and Skills Required:
    • Preferable Master of Science Degree in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, Math or Physics or another relevant engineering/technical field AND a minimum of 3 years relevant experience OR Bachelor of Science Degree in any of the fields noted above AND a minimum of 5 year relevant experience OR an equivalent combination of education and relevant experience
    • 3+ years experience developing drivers and middleware for GPS chips
    • Previous experience with serial communications and data telemetry architectures
    • Previous experience and knowledge of digital signal processing (DSP) is highly desired, particularly weak signal processing, phase diversity, demodulation, etc
    • Excellent academics (cumulative GPA greater than or equal to 3.0 as a general rule or international equivalency)
    • Demonstrates proficiency with designing well architectured software systems and modules that support new technology or improve capability/performance of existing functionality
    • Must demonstrate competence with researching fundamental problems and implementing appropriate algorithmic solutions
    • Demonstrated ability to serve as a lead software engineer for a complex software project
    • Must possess the ability to decompose functional requirements into well defined tasks while balancing quality, quantity and complexity in work output
    • Demonstrated capability to offer peer technical assessments in areas of expertise, new technologies and software designs
    • Must possess proficiency in writing software in C, C++, C# or Java as appropriate for performing the essential functions of this job description
    • Must possess relevant experience and/or training in data structures or object oriented design methodology relevant to Signature's business needs
    • Must possess relevant education and/or experience in software design, development and maintenance, as required for the successful performance of the essential functions of the position
    • Must be bilingual - English
    Desirable Qualifications:
    • Superior academics (cumulative GPA greater than or equal to 3.5, or equivalent based on foreign education equivalency)
    • Previous experience working in a team environment
    Application Instructions
    Submit resume and Job Application letter to: -
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