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The Aurora Pedestal-Mount Controller/Satellite delivers the ultimate in power, ease and value. Aurora is designed to function as a stand-alone controller or can manage an entire satellite network without a central computer. In fact, each Aurora controller/satellite has the power of a central computer for unprecedented control and unparalleled value. The controller/satellite can be operated by a handheld remote control or an Aurora Lite, Enterprise or Professional Central Control System.



• Built-in microprocessor and true two-way communication allow Aurora to operate as a central-free, stand-alone controller/satellite or network, or as part of a controller or central computer-controlled network. Monitors, stores and shares data from multiple sensors across the network.
• Uses hardwire, telephone and radio communications on the same network.
• Handheld radios control field controller/satellites without a central computer or software.
• 128 independent programs per day allow calendar control of each station in any sequence, with multiple repeats and pauses.
• Powerful water budgeting from 0-999%.
• Weather station monitoring for automatic ET-adjusted irrigation schedule.
• Self-monitoring feature finds open and shorted circuits and activates alarms and pagers.
• Pedestal accommodates 8-96 stations; up to 14 (or 3.15 Amps) may run simultaneously.
• Superior protection from lightning for all stations.
• Operates conventional valve output and decoder modules.
• Operates lighting, fountains, security gates, etc.


• Multilingual instructions including Spanish.
• Bold LCD with step-by-step menus.


• Retrofits to most Buckner®, Rain Bird®, Thompson® and Toro® pedestals.
• Doesn't require a central computer and software.
• Hardwire-ready configuration allows for quick and inexpensive installation.
• Intelli-Sat™ radio technology is already FCC narrowband compliant.
• Digital ready; integrates new technologies without replacing equipment.


• Plastic Pedestal: 16" W x 45" H x 11-5/8" D (406mm W x 1143mm H x 305mm D)


Input Power:
• 115 VAC, 60 Hz
• 0.20 amps @ 115 VAC, 60 Hz (no load)
• 0.50 amps @ 115 VAC, 60 Hz (max. load)

Station Output Power
• 24 VAC (120 VA) total
• Station draw: max., 14 stations simultaneously (max. 3.15 amps)


• 8-station valve module.
• Decoder expansion module.
• Alarm pager (requires telephone modem).
• Stand-alone or centrally controlled fertigation and pump stations.
• Primary surge protection.
• Two- and three-wire decoders with satellite integration.
• Grounding kits for advanced surge protection.
• Palm Pilot™ for in-the-field firmware and program updates.
• Controller/satellite retrofit panel for use with other manufacturers' pedestals.
• Flow meter.
• Basic ET weather station measures solar radiation and air temperature.
• Advanced ET weather station measures wind speed and direction, relative humidity, air temperature, solar radiation and rainfall.
• Remote control with VHF handheld and off-the-shelf UHF radios.
• Twisted pair cable, fiber optic cable, telephone via modem, VHF and UHF two-way radio, and spread-spectrum two-way radio communications.
• VHF, UHF and spread spectrum satellite antennas.
• PDA for in-the-field firmware and program updates


For more than 90 years, Signature Control Systems, Inc. (formerly Union Tools and Thompson Co.) has been dedicated to providing the highest-quality products and service in the industry.

Our technologically advanced central-control systems are designed for commercial and golf applications. Constellation™ (high-end commercial), Aurora™ (high-end golf) and Galaxy™ (low-cost commercial) include a powerful field controller/satellite and a choice of three software packages: Lite, Enterprise and Professional.

Central-control systems can be made-to-order and our trained technical staff can assist with setup, training and troubleshooting.

Also available are high-performance commercial, golf and large-turf rotors and a full line of control valves.

For more information, please contact Signature Control Systems.

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