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6400 Pro SERIES
Product Documents
6300-6400 Specifications
Pro 6300 and 6400 ADV Series specifications.
6302-6412 Catalog Sheet
Pop-up spray head sprinklers for residential and commercial applications.
6300/6400 Catalog Sheet
6000 sprinkler features (Español, Français, Italiano, and Português).

  • Spray heads accept all standard female thread pop-up spray nozzles
  • Flush cap helps flush the system and ease nozzle installation
  • ADV models feature a heavy-duty spring and anti-drain valve to hold back up to a 10-foot elevation difference - ideal for use in sloped areas
  • Precise spray patterns eliminate wasted water and dry spots.
  • ABS plastic material, used on all pop-up bodies and nozzles, is proven strong and tough in sprinkler applications.
  • Matched precipitation nozzles apply water at the same rate regardless of arc.

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