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8081 Instructions
8081 SoloRain
8081 Specifications
Model 8081 Radio Programmer Plus console.
8034-8081 Catalog Sheet
SoloRain™ family of wireless control equipment.
8034-8081 Catalog Sheet
SoloRain™ Radio (Español, Français, Italiano, and Português).

  • No direct cord connection to actuator
  • Independent programming of an unlimited number of actuators (8030 or 8050 series) through 8040 and 8060 radio adapters
  • 180-foot line-of-sight signal range (60 feet if installed in a valve box)
  • Secure bi-directional signal--confirms program acceptance
  • 16 irrigation start times per actuator
  • Built-in memory--stores up to 36 different irrigation programs and is retained for two minutes during battery charge
  • Downloadable transfer of programs individually or to a group of actuators
  • Memory is retained for two minutes during battery change
  • 14-day programming calendar
  • Five languages for operation
  • FCC Part 15 compliant

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