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Aurora® Plastic Pedestal-Mount Satellite
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The Aurora® Pedestal-Mount Controller/Satellite delivers the ultimate in power, ease and value.

Number of Zone: Aurora® pedestal station 8-96, Decoder pedestal station: 250

  • Aurora® is designed to function as a stand-alone controller or as a satellite in a network with or without a central computer.
  • No need to have software to operate; intelligent processors store data and operate independently of the network.
  • Available in several languages soon.
  • Remote control of stations located in remotely located Aurora® controllers from anywhere on the Signature® network, via Signature’s peer-to-peer technology.
  • Aurora® is easy to operate with flexible configuration and communication options.
  • Fits every golf and commercial application—from golf courses, parks, sports complexes, and business parks— to cemeteries, theme parks, HOAs.

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